Disability Support Services

We create high-quality care in a safe and trusted environment for people with disabilities to accomplish their daily goals

High quality care with qualified health support disability sectors

Daily Living Skills

Daily Living Skills

Daily Personal Activities

Daily Personal Activities

Household Tasks

Household tasks

Participate in the Community

Participate in the Community

Assist With Travel

Assist with transport

Group and Centre-Based Activities

Group and centre- based Activities

Accomplish - Believe - Achieve

Accomplish • Believe • Achieve

Our Company is a new company that is targeting people with a disability and dementia, 7 years and up. We believe that we can excel and have a lot to offer in the disability community. We offer fun group activities in the community to help with self-esteem and to make new lifetime friends. Our highly experienced team will guarantee quality care and support to assist with everyday living skills, which will include shopping, cooking cleaning, social outings, appointments and much more. We will cater to the individual needs to all our clients. From our experience we understand that all our clients needs are different, so we offer flexible care and support, adjusting our approach and communication to best help each individual to accomplish their daily goals. Our structure will solely depend on our clients and their needs. We will provide one on one support and weekly event calendars to offer group activities for encouraging socialization in the community and will have feedback forms for clients to express their interest.

Activities For You

What's on for January

10.11.12. 13. 11am Movie
Day and Lunch
14. 9:30am Ferry ride in Newcastle and Park activities 15. 11am Shopping and Lunch Day20. 11am Group Bowling and
Lunch Day
21. Newcastle
Beach and
Lunch Day
23.24. Group Funday
at the Park
25. Day out at
hunter valley gardens
26. 11am Shopping day and Lunch27. 11am Hunter Valley Zoo Day28. 11:30am
bowling and
30.31. Train ride to Sydney Aquatic

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